I stayed here weekend two of Coachella this year. Great people, everyone working was extremely friendly. The location was easy to find and the shuttle to and from was a major plus. It truly was like camping at a resort with beaches, cabanas, pool parties, and showers. I cannot wait to come again next year!
— Bret J. (El Segundo, CA)
So getting last minute free tickets to Coachella was awesome! But then reality kicked in and we had to figure out where we would be staying for the next two days! We called some friends, did quick research and came across BASE CAMP.

Prices were reasonable so we called Friday evening, booked it and arrived Saturday afternoon! During our check in we were greeted with a welcome goodie bag! This is a new camp site near the Coachella venue. For an additional price they offered shuttle rides to and from the venue, totally worth it! Our shuttle guys were great and gave us their numbers just in case we missed any of the trips back to camp.

Base Camp has a pool to cool off during the morning with live music from whichever DJ sets up... Food was provided by CHEEKY’s and if you came empty handed there was a bar to keep ya going. Also, their restrooms and showers were maintained throughout the day which was pretty nice! I haven’t camped in years, but between the staff and our fellow neighbors everything and everyone was awesome! This new concept on camping is seriously such a great idea! We will be back no doubt! Thank you for the hospitality.
— Ashley R. (Santa Barbara, CA)
Was a great, amazing experience. It was my birthday the first day of Coachella and the entire staff was so friendly to me. See you guys next year!
— Jaguar P. (Alamogordo, NM)
Base Camp was a terrific experience! It made it easy and affordable to access Stagecoach on our own time. The activities at the camp itself were also fun and engaging.
— Charlotte B. (Santa Monica, CA)
Sooo much fun staying here!! Arrived Friday, free Red Bull and water. Great fun sun chilling by the lake listening to the DJ. Clean bathrooms and no wait for showers.. Everyone was very nice and super chill!
— Richonn C. (Los Angeles, CA)
My boyfriend and I stayed at Base Camp over Coachella Weekend 2, opting out of the traditional festival camping and experience. We took a gamble staying at a brand new, open to the public, luxury, camping compound and we are SO GLAD we did!!

Base Camp treated us really well. The drive to the property was beautiful, treelined and secluded (yet a 10 minute drive or less to the festival). We totally felt like we were going to a hidden gem. The property itself was clean, grassy and had nice bathrooms and showers with no lines.

One of the reasons we wanted to stay away from the festival is read about a lot of instances of theft during weekend 1. Base Camp offers full security 24 hours a day. This made us feel safe and provided for a better experience. Security and staff were very nice and not harassing. You could bring your own foods and alcohol if you wanted and they had a cafe with a full bar as well. There was a morning festival pre-party each day and they they even booked big name, Sweater Beats to pump up the vibes.

The staff made us feel super at home. At one point, the winds got to 60 mph while we were away at the festival and the staff was so sweet, they took down our camp for us so we didn’t lose all of our things; people at the normal Coachella camping were not so lucky. I heard stories of people losing all of their belonging, never to be seen again. This venue hosts weddings and private parties as well and I’d highly recommend them to any of my friends. If we Chella again next year, Base Camp 100.
— Kyndle K. (San Diego, CA)
Had such a good time at Base Camp. This was for sure one of the best decisions we made by staying here for Stagecoach! If they are there next year you can be sure we will be staying again!
— Jacqueline S. (Kaneohe, HI)
One of the best experiences I have had! I was hesitant at first about tent camping, but I am so glad I chose this location. Not only were there nice bathrooms and showers, but the staff also set up power stations where campers could charge phones or plug in hair tools (a plus for the girls). The site also had a pool, pond, live bands and a bar that served food, so there was plenty to do during the day if you wanted to hang out before heading to the festival.

The staff was amazing, very helpful, and really cared about the campers. Goody bags were provided at check in. The staff was willing to help with tent set up, and even took care of tents when it got windy while people were at the festival, much appreciated! Security/staff was always around if you had any questions or needed help.

The location was also a bonus, it is out of the way of the festival commotion, so it was nice and quiet. The shuttle provided made it easy to get back and forth to the festival, and is ready whenever you are.

Overall, the environment was just awesome, laid back but fun. I cannot say enough positive stuff about Base Camp, I would recommend it to anyone!
— Nicole A. (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)
When we checked in they had fun little gift bags with practical items that we thought were great! The employees were all friendly and everything ran very smoothly. We would stay again and have already recommended to friends for next year!
— Carla B. (El Cajon, CA)
Hosts and staff were awesome. Amenities were great. Shuttle drivers were great. Would definitely recommend this and do this again another year.
— Pat G. (Santa Barbara, CA)
I am absolutely blown away by my experience with Base Camp. Not only were the staff very professional, responsible, and trustworthy, but they were so welcoming, camp felt like home! There were a few minor bumps in the road and their staff was right on top of it! I am so very pleased with every aspect of my stay! Our camp sites were a little close to each-other but it was a friendly push to get familiar with them in which was a win-win for everyone in the end.
— Danielle M. (Lake Elsinore, CA)
Base Camp was a great experience! This was their first year and they hit the nail on the head! They had fancy trailers providing warm showers (line was a bit long during rush hour) and bathrooms. The staff came around to talk to all campers requesting feedback on how they could improve. I mentioned the pool should open prior to 11am (Since the festival opens at 12) and the next day it was open by 10am! I will be back next year!
— KC W. (San Diego, CA)
Base Camp was beyond amazing, we got there a little early and they were more than accommodating, constantly lending a hand with bags and anything we needed. I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend, I would go back again in a heartbeat for Coachella next year. Such a great experience! You guys took hospitality to the next level, you guys are seriously so f’ing awesome!! The day parties were so awesome, the bar on site made it easy to have a blast right there before heading to the festival, also the shuttle service was so dope!
— Cheyenne G. (Wasilla, AK)
Het was geweldig! Chille camping en heb zo’n geweldige mensen ontmoet daar! I will be back!
— Milou R. (Sittard, Netherlands)
Base Camp was the bomb. Our own little private paradise away from the festival. The whole staff was so welcoming from early mornings to LATE evenings. I was bummed when I missed out on booking onsite festival camping, but Base Camp reassured me that I could squeeze in and stay with them, and they made my first Coachella experience all the more worthwhile.
— Katy B. (Los Angeles, CA)
This was absolutely the best camping experience I’ve ever had while visiting Coachella. It was less than 10 minutes away from the festival, so the drive to and from the festival wasn’t bad at all. The staff was incredibly accommodating- providing everything from a “welcome package” - ready for us when we arrived - to handing out free water bottles throughout the day. They couldn’t have been any friendlier. The lake/poolside area was great with iced coffee and $3 beers a few steps away... can’t beat that! Will definitely be going back! The staff was soooo friendly. Thanks so much for making this an amazing experience for us.
— Summer B. (Los Angeles, CA)
Our experience with Base Camp was 10 out of 10!! We felt welcomed, informed, and safe! Very relaxed environment but also very committed to taking care of everyone on the property. The facilities (bathrooms/showers) were great and kept up nicely. Information and finding someone to talk to was always easy and helpful. Also, security made us feel safe when leaving and entering the property. The shuttle pass is worth it too!! Very accommodating. We can’t wait to come back next year and share our experience with more people going! KEEP IT UP BASE CAMP!!
— Melissa C. (San Diego, CA)
Very well organized. Staff members were super helpful and accommodating. Some issues with lack of hot water in men’s shower trailer but this was minor in the grand scheme of things. Lots of great amenities, very helpful staff.
— Matt S.
Our experience was great the staff was very helpful and friendly! We were there one night and it was really quiet not at all what we expected. It was nice to have the coffee and $3 beers the next morning . Would stay here again.
— Stephanie S. (Yucaipa, CA)
My companion and I were amazed at the level of quality and care of Base Camp from the get-go. We were welcomed by friendly staff, provided free water and energy drinks as well as a small care package (trash bag, toilet paper, Clif Bar, and more water). Check-in was easy. We were then guided to our car camping site and asked if we needed help. The oasis base camp created was better than I could have imagined - swimming pool, hotel-like restrooms that were constantly cleaned, and great sponsor/vendors on site. The information provided before check in was accurate and helpful. In addition to that, the area was well-secured with plenty of security personnel who were present at all times. We look forward to staying here again for Coachella 2017!
— Luz A. (Houston, TX)
Had a great time at Base Camp during my Coachella Weekend 1 vacation. Real friendly staff and even security on the grounds was nice to have. The location has a lake and pool to hang out by plus nice bathroom/shower facilities as well. To be honest I would stay again at Base Camp without question, my only advice is to rent an RV rather than pitch a tent for an even better experience.
— Justin E. (Costa Mesa, CA)
Great environment, friendly staff, highly recommend this place.
— Marvin H. (Chicago, IL)
The camp is beautiful, people there are very friendly and welcoming.. got to meet a lot of interesting people at my stay there... If your camping there and have Coachella tickets, its very close to the venue but not walking distance need to take the shuttle bus and back from there . Bathrooms were very clean but there was a bit of a flooding situation going on there that was usually quickly fixed. The Pool with the lake view was great.
— Sara A. (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
Base Camp was a lot of fun! Very chill during the day time, and quiet at night. Everyone there was super nice, and the staff/employees were very friendly and made sure you had everything you need. Restrooms and showers on site, very clean. And breakfast in the morning. Our belongings were safe and you could even leave your phone at the charging station and walk away and know it was safe.
— Jennifer T. (Dallas, TX)
Base Camp hosts were awesome!! Entire staff was super cool and welcoming, very helpful and well organized. Facilities were on point, safety and security of the camp site and parking area 24hrs a day was a relief. Thank you Base Camp!!
— Wil S. (Redmond, OR)
We stayed at Base Camp for Coachella and honestly couldn’t have asked for a better camping experience. The hosts were accommodating and the amenities were great! I was worried about the campground being too noisy late at night but this was luckily not the case.
— Anastasia P. (Jersey City, NJ)
Awesome time and everybody was friendly! Much better than camping anywhere else!
— Drew R. (Los Angeles, CA)