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How much does it cost to stay at Base Camp?

Rates start at $59 per person, per night. You will be given a wristband credential upon check-in designating you as a guest of Base Camp. Be sure to select the proper amount of people in your group when placing your reservation.

Is there a minimum stay?

Yes, there is a 2 night minimum for all RV, Tent & Car Camping guests. There is a 3 night minimum for all "Bell-Tent" guests.

What time is check-in? What time is check-out?

Thursday check-in starts at 3pm and ends at 11pm. Friday & Saturday check-in starts at 9am and ends at 11pm. Check-out is 11am although you can leave your vehicle on-site if you are heading to the festival for the day. We just ask that you pack up your campsite. Contact us if you need to arrange alternate hours.

How far are you from the festival?

Base Camp is located 6 miles directly south of the Polo Fields.

How do I get to the festival?

The best and easiest option is to purchase a Base Camp shuttle pass. This will give you unlimited, non-stop, roundtrip rides all weekend long. The shuttles begin 30 minutes prior to the start of the festival and finish one hour after the festival ends. Uber and Taxis are also available in the area although surge pricing is known to get pretty expensive.

Can I purchase your “Shuttle Pass” when I arrive to Base Camp?

Maybe. If our Shuttle Passes have not sold out then they will be available on-site (they generally sell out so we recommend ordering them when you place your reservation).

Does the official festival shuttle pass work at Base Camp?

No, the official festival shuttle does not stop at Base Camp. The official festival shuttle pass is not valid for use on the Base Camp shuttles.

Where do I park my car?

We have a general car parking lot just a few hundred feet away from your campsite. Parking is free.

Can I unload my car next to my campsite?

Yes! Our staff will direct you and your vehicle within a few feet of your campsite to unload. You will then need to move the vehicle to the general parking lot.

Can I sleep in my car in the general car parking lot?

No, you must either set up camp in our Car Camping site or in the Tent Camping site.

What type of campsites does Base Camp offer?

Base Camp offers RV, Tent & Car Camping campsites. We also offer "Luxury Tents" as unfurnished or fully furnished. You can find all of the details here on our website.

Does my reservation include an RV, tent or car waiting for me at Base Camp?

No, your reservation is for the site/plot only (except for the "Luxury Tents"). You must bring your own RV, Tent or Car. If you are looking for packages inclusive of an RV, Tent or Car waiting for you upon your arrival, send us an email and we can discuss the additional rates and options.

How do I charge my cell phone and other electronics?

We have a charging station in the campground area.

Do you offer refunds if I need to cancel my reservation?

Sorry, we do not offer refunds on Base Camp reservations.

Can I bring my own food & drinks?

Yes, you may bring your own food and drinks including alcohol.

Do you have food & drink options at Base Camp?

Yes! We have an on-site restaurant and cocktail bar serving breakfast (and coffee!), lunch, dinner and snacks. The bar will serve cocktails, beer and wine each day.

Do you sell ice?

Yes, we sell ice at our restaurant!

What hook-ups do you offer for my RV?

At this time, we only offer Shore Power / Electric hook-ups for your RV ($250 for the whole weekend). We do not offer water or sewage hook ups (so make sure your water tank is full and your sewer tank is empty upon arrival!).

Do you have wi-fi?

We do not have public wi-fi at Base Camp although cell service is generally pretty good.

Can I stay at Base Camp if I am under 21 years old?

No, we have a strict 21+ policy for all guests.

Can I bring my pet?

Sorry, no pets are allowed at Base Camp (with the exception of service animals).

Do you have bathrooms and showers?

Yes, we have flushable toilets and shower facilities (all with individual stalls). Both of which are free (and pretty fancy!). All showers for 2018 are presented by our friends at SUN BUM!

I am looking to make a reservation for “Car Camping” but want to use my car each day. Is that possible?

No, for safety reasons, all vehicles in the “Car Camping” sites can not move once parked (no in’s & out’s). Once parked, your vehicle must stay in your campsite until you check-out (which can be any day or time). If you need to use your car each day we recommend choosing the tent site option or to bring an additional car with your group and park it in the general parking lot.

What if I need to check-in outside of your registration office hours?

If you must arrive to Base Camp outside of our normal check-in office hours (we close up around 11pm each night) then you will be placed in a temporary site upon arrival. You will then be able to check-in and be placed in your official campsite when our registration opens for the day.

Can I have my RV delivered to Base Camp?

Only RV’s rented through our official RV partner (So Cal RV’s) can be delivered to Base Camp prior to your arrival.

Can I place an EZ-Up style canopy over my tent for shade?

Yes, as long as it fits within your campsite plot. You must also break it down each day before you leave for the festival as the winds are known to blow those things into outer space.

Can I bring a portable generator for my campsite?

No portable generators are allowed due to fire permits. Only onboard RV generators are permitted at Base Camp.

Can I start a campfire?

No open flames are allowed at Base Camp. This includes charcoal BBQ’s.

Does it get windy at Base Camp?

Yes, it can get EXTREMELY windy in the desert valley. We have seen tent poles snap in half and tents blow away Mary Poppins style. Please collapse and secure your tent and other camping items before you depart for the festival. Even tents that are staked in the ground can be known to blow away. If you forget to collapse and secure your tent and the winds come up, our staff reserves the right to do it for you and are not liable for the condition of your gear (we are generally in a rush and are not very gentle so please don’t forget!).

I am new to camping, can someone help me set up my tent?

Most likely, yes! Just ask us when you arrive and we will do our best to lend a helping hand.


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